Soapstone Assault

A ~5 mi race around the base of Soapstone Mountain - a supercharged hill workout where runners climb the mountain a total of 6 times

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Gulf Rd parking lot - Shenipsit State Forest


The course is at Soapstone Mountain and has a length of 5.5 mi. Runners climb 6 times and descend 5 times.

Runners circumnavigate the base of Soapstone Mountain in a counterclockwise direction and each time they encounter a trail heading upwards they take it to the peak. Once at the top, they take the same trail back down to resume the circuit around the base of the mountain. This up-and-down sequence is repeated for the first 5 different trails that runners come across. The 6th trail to be encountered is the infamous “Killer Hill”, which runners also have to climb, and finish at the base of the tower.

The Soapstone Assault is a handicap race. Older runners, ladies, and kids start before the fast, younger guys. The combination of the staggered start and the up/down trails sharing a common end provides a unique opportunity to see other runners out on the course at some point during the race. Slower runners will not have to watch the fast folks disappear into the distance off the start line to never be seen again. In the Soapstone Assault the winner is rarely the fastest one in the pack. There’s usually more of a “mass finish”.

The race course includes a number of steep, rocky, slippery, or otherwise treacherous areas. Though injuries have been few and minor during past races, a serious injury is possible. Because parts of the course are relatively inaccessible, it is possible that an injured runner might have to wait an hour or more for emergency medical care. Please do NOT enter this race if you are not prepared to accept responsibility for yourself and these risks.

Miscellaneous Information

Because of the handicap start, faster runners could be idle for as long as 30 mins between the race start and wave start.


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Non-members: $10.00
Shenipsit Striders Members: $5.00
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All runners: $15.00

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Race Director

Brad Pellissier