2022 New Year Fatass

Thanks for joining us for the second edition of the socially distanced, virtual, remote-learning version of the long-running Shenipsit Striders New Year Fatass! Here’s to packing double the possibilities into the upcoming year.

NameTotal distance completedTotal time
George Daniels29.25 (12 loops)5:45
Andy Meisler18.854:33
Kelsey Eng17.333:38
Jillian Ellefson154:25
Chris + Duffy14.783:12
Howie Breinan14.73:45
Susan Irvine13.33:20
Ian hazelton13.252:47
Cherie Bilbie10.563:02:26
Samuel Dybdahl10.122:23
Sundar Varadarajan10.133:00.02
Tara Troiano10.052:32:43
Daniel Tourtellotte10.012:17
Sarah Ellefson103:00
Charles Markunas82.0
Donna Wallburg7.541:54
Sara Hughes7.441:58:39
Emily Mayer7.28 miles3:01:56
Jenna Gould7.111:25
Clinton Morse6.85 miles1:27
David Sutherland & Sadie pup5.261:07
Todd Brown5.21:25:50
Mike Schwarz51:00
Jim Henderson4.81:11:00
Debbie Dorman4.81:21:00
Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch3.1246:30
Jacki Smith2.5800:44:21
Dave Merkt2.5600:50:33
Tony Bonanno06 hours