2013 Shenipsit Old School

“Official” results (of an un-official race). Thanks to everey one that came out and gave the course a run. We had just over 30 runners come out (and one dog). I hope you enjoyed my “home” trail as much as I do. The only thing better than having others enjoy and appreciate the trail is that we left a bit better than we found it. A HUGE thanks to my sisters Jen & Jess for manning the Aid Station at Mile 3/9. Especially Jen, who spent her last “free” Saturday before heading off to the Military by helping me and all the runners out. We’ll be back next year (hopefully as a Grand tree Race). Constructive criticism is always welcome however, we are a small operation that wants to remain low key and low cost (free). Hope you all had fun! Lots of pics posting shortly. please go through them and tag others. Share and download as you wish, you earned it.


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1Godfrey A.Berger1:41:16
2Dave Merkt1:43:54
3Scott Livingston1:53:03
4Mike Reed1:53:03
5Chris Kelly2:00:19
6Clint Morse2:08:47
8Kristina Marie Folcik2:10:43
9Ryan Welts2:10:43
10Vincent Zito2:13:59
11Eric Hale2:15:08
12Dave Sutherland2:15:45
13Adam Lung2:19:07
14Casey Callahan2:22:13
15Hector Morera2:22:39
16Fred Pilon2:34:16
17Tom Dyer2:40:48
18Gary Hebert2:41:02
19Jane Patterson2:41:47
20Mike McDonnell2:42:23
21Alison Cleary2:42:45
22Regina McGillivray2:42:50
23Bekkie Wright2:51:50
24Collette ?3:01:50
25Bruce Marvonek3:17:03
26“Nipmuck” Dave3:30:09
1Caitie Sutherland1:29:19
2Anthony Lend1:29:19
3Virginia Patsun