Pemi Loop Fast Hike

The weekend of August 15th Steve L. and a few others are fast hiking the Pemi Loop.

Steve envisions a quick trip, travel up Friday, return Sunday. We will  camp overnight Friday, then get an early start Saturday on Pemi.  This is a 31 mile lollipop route. Much of it is super technical—not very runnable.  Our goal is to fast hike and run what is available. Once done, camp Saturday night, and drive home Sunday.

This is fully self supported. Bring your tent… Your food…

Comments?  Please contact us with interest!


One thought on “Pemi Loop Fast Hike”

  1. I just returned from 31 miles hike on the AT. Found running even non-technical stretches difficult with a gallon of water and 2 pound of food in backpack. We hiked almost all of it. 17 hours total including generous stops. (10:30 a.m to 3:30 am, we wanted the night experience, but that slowed us down a little further) . I recommend bringing a water filter. If I can make it I will bring the filter, otherwise you can borrow it if interested.

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